PS (HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene)

PS is a brittle, hard polymer which is mixed with high impact (HI) types. Thanks to the wide variety of options, this material can be used universally for a wide variety of applications. Available in all colours.

Delivery overview HIPS – Plates and Rolls

  maximum   maximum
Rolls 1450 mm 0,60 - 2,00 mm. 1150 and 800 mm.
Plates 1500 mm 0.30 - 10,00 mm.  
HIPS Default Gloss or matt finish
HIPS B With impact resistance improver Very impact-resistant, butadiene addition.
HIPS-PRINT Corona and/or two-sided ionised Screen printing, offset applications.
HIPS-UV With UV-stabiliser Colour is UV-proof
HIPS Co-ex Multilayer With gloss layer, or as sandwich with regenerates or top and bottom layer in a different colour.
LPS-ESD Electric conductivity on the basis of carbon black. Surface and/or volume resistance.
LPS ESD 2.0 Electric conductivity, carbon black, improved version. Surface and/or volume resistance, virtually no soot particle bleeding.
HIPS-AS Anti-static Anti static surface treatment.
HIPS-Reg Regenerate Recycled HIPS
PS+PE Mixing of PS+PE blend Very impact-resistant and good chemical resistance.

Surface / versions
• Machine smooth
• Veined, see grain chain.
• High-gloss thanks to co-extrusion gloss
• With thermo-formable protective film, adhesive or non-adhesive.
• With colour stripes

Colours according to RAL, NCS, Pantone, PMS/UN, HKS.

If desired, your production scrap can be returned and reworked.

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